• Last-Mile Excellence
  • Customer Experience
  • Workforce Empowerment
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Sustainability
  • Which of these last-mile technologies are you using or planning to use? (multiple selection)
  • How confident are you in your organization’s ability to handle spikes in demand?
  • You are constantly combating unpredictability in your last mile
  • How important is the ability to outsource some of your deliveries to couriers or 3PLs in your last mile?
  • How satisfied are your customers with the updates they receive on their order status?
  • How satisfied are your customers with the timeliness of their deliveries?
  • Is being able to provide speedier deliveries important to your organization?
  • Do your drivers adhere to the routes assigned to them?
  • How frequently do you onboard new drivers?
  • Do your drivers have the flexibility to schedule their own shifts?
  • How important it is for your drivers to sustain optimal levels of productivity?
  • Your drivers have all the tools they need to succeed on daily routes
  • How frequently do you seek feedback from customers?
  • How satisfied are you with the quality of data captured in your last mile?
  • You rely heavily on your data analytics stack to discover new growth opportunities in your supply chain
  • Do you factor in carbon emissions when planning daily routes?
  • Minimizing emissions across your supply chain is a priority for your organization
  • Sustainability is a key strategic pillar for your organization

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